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Experts on Painting | Local Painting ContractorExperts on Painting | Local Residential & Commercial Painting Contractor

Experts on Painting is local finishing and painting contractor specializing in residential and commercial professional painting services in Chicago and it's surrounding suburbs.

We finish and paint rooms big and small, including but not limited to: bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, basements, living rooms, garages, foyers and more.  When it comes to exterior painting services, we paint facia, siding, bricks, window trim, chimneys and more.

Our painting and finishing services will include any repairs to surfaces that are required. For interior painting, this includes replacing and damaged drywall, spackling, sanding of any interior surfaces.  For exterior painting, this includes power washing and then replacing and damaged facia made of aluminum siding, vinyl siding or hardie board. Upon completing surface repairs we will then professionally prime and paint your interior and exterior surfaces and trim.

If you are looking for the best local painting company nearby, look no further.  

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